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Our expertise is focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This means that Google can easily find your website and rank it.

Our digital marketing services help small businesses grow.

On-page SEO

  • Custom-designed SEO Website
  • Custom SEO Built Blog Design
  • A Clear Website Information Architecture
  • Keyword Research (Page-by-Page)
  • Original, authoritative, page-specific content
  • Proper use of Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, etc.
  • Use of Internal Linking Strategies
  • Structured Markup Language (Rich Snippets)

Off-page SEO

  • Directory Listings
  • Business Identity Management
  • Find Local Directory Listings
  • Local SEO – Google Business/ Maps, Bing Business, Yelp, and Apple Maps
  • Google Business Posts
  • Guest Blogs and ask sites to share your content
  • Backlinks

We make your website Work For You

Our goal is to help you grow your business, so we develop modern, mobile-friendly, quick, and conversion-oriented websites. We specialize in digital marketing ang SEO.

Clicks Digital Marketing Agency

Did you know a one-second delay in loading times can reduce conversion rates by 20% (source: Google)

We create websites that are both functional and energizing – providing users with a holistic experience that will make them want to take action. We uncover and highlight the things that make your company special.

The greatest digital marketing agency ever! Are you seeking for a reputable SEO firm that knows what they're doing? SEO Consultants at Clicks Digital Marketing are experts in digital marketing and innovative search engine optimization tactics. We give organizations the web presence they need to be found on the Internet by implementing turnkey digital marketing and SEO solutions. Our SEO Consultants will deliver a well-thought-out and proven digital marketing and SEO solution for your company.

Our Digital Marketing SEO Services

What's in the bag?

Keyword Research and SEO Strategy

Your SEO initiatives will be more successful if you use the proper keywords. Our SEO specialists have years of successful experience competing in the most difficult industries. To find the finest options for your company, they will thoroughly analyze your website and conduct keyword research to evaluate your campaign needs.

Link Building

For your website to rank for difficult-to-rank keywords, we offer premium link-building tactics as part of our SEO services. We stick to the best SEO procedures to develop high-quality links and pertinent business listings that will establish your online visibility.

Content Writing

The editorial staff at Clicks Digital Marketing's SEO firm is committed to creating and implementing a targeted content marketing plan. Work with our qualified writers to highlight your brand and its salient selling points. They captivate your target audience with compelling material, converting them into ardent supporters of your company.

On-Page SEO

Utilizing tried-and-true digital marketing strategies and customized optimization tactics, our highly qualified SEO specialists raise site ranks. They do comprehensive site audits to make sure your website conforms with our moral SEO standards and recommendations.

Local SEO

We have digital marketing specialists who are experienced in managing local SEO initiatives. To receive more precise leads and provide a better ROI, our committed and highly competent SEO team thoroughly considers the needs of your organization while carefully choosing pertinent geotargeted keywords.

Technical SEO

The entire performance of your website is graded by search algorithms. Complete site redesign is included in our SEO companies services. We check your site for any backend issues and make sure it is search engine friendly and responsive on mobile devices.

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How much is a digital marketing agency optimized website worth?

  • According to research, 70-80% of users research a company online before visiting or making a purchase.
  • A custom website design is a crucial component in determining a company's credibility, according to 48% of consumers.
  • Users form an opinion in 0.5 seconds after your website loads.
  • If a website takes more than three seconds to fully load on a mobile device, 53% of people exit the site and click away.
  • Conversions drop by 12% for every second that the site takes to load.
  • Mobile phones generated 52.2 percent of all global online traffic in 2018, up from 50.3 percent in 2017.
  • It's more crucial than ever to work with an expert digital marketing firm and a experienced SEO firm.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Watch how your Paid Ads convert into New Clients or Patients.

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Digital Marketing Services

Are you looking for a Google Ads-experienced digital marketing agency? Almost everyone has used a search engine like Google to look for a keyword or phrase. A list of results or businesses relevant to the search term appears depending on the word or phrase you used to search by. You will often see three sponsored advertising just above the organic or natural results, as well as three paid ads at the bottom of the search results page.

Given the rising competitiveness of every industry and consumer desire for fast access to products and services, many businesses use Google Ads or a pay-per-click model (PPC) in addition to organic SEO to generate marketing leads.

Partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency that knows how to produce a well-managed Google Ads campaign to your organic SEO efforts will improve the number of leads generated by your digital marketing campaign.

It can be tough to rank well in organic search results in some highly competitive metro regions, thus the correct digital marketing agency will know how to use sponsored Google Ad campaigns. For some of the most competitive search terms, Google Ads may be the only way to get leads. When selecting a digital marketing agency to manage your Google Ads campaign, make sure the agency is a Certified Google Ads Partner who can clearly define their bidding strategy.

Our digital marketing agency's extensive experience managing Google Ads campaigns enables us to employ smart bidding tactics that reduce your costs while increasing your conversion rate. We frequently hear from clients who claim to have tried Google Ads in the past with little to no success, and we typically discover that the client's Google Ads campaign has been mismanaged or that the digital marketing agency managing the client's Google Ads campaigns is taking far more in premium than the client realizes. If you're paying for Google Ads straight to a digital marketing agency, that's a red signal that should be investigated to guarantee you're getting what you're paying for your Google Ads Campaign

We are Google Ads Partners as well as Microsoft Ads Accredited Professionals. If your company or practice decides to try Google Ads with Clicks Digital Marketing, you are not locked into a contract, and everything is set up with complete transparency, so you can see exactly what you are paying Google for the Google Ads campaign, as well as our digital marketing agency management fee for managing the campaign.

Most clients who have previously struggled with Google Ads experience immediate results after hiring us as their digital marketing agency to handle a well-planned Google Ads campaign clearly and successfully.

Why you should choose Clicks Digital Marketing as your next SEO/Digital Marketing Expert

  • A website with a completely unique design and build
  • Meet the WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance guidelines
  •  One of a few agencies that can create a ADA friendly website
  •  Recognized local SEO experts: Google Business, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps
  • Best practice SEO practices that work in competitive markets
  • Original SEO optimized content written for you
  • A complete internet marketing solution
  •  Certified Google Ads Partner
  •  Accredited Bing Ads Expert
  • No contract
  • Original SEO optimized blogs on your behalf

Clicks Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency and SEO consulting firm that takes care of everything you need to bring your brand to life online. We are your one-stop shop for digital marketing and SEO, providing everything you need to implement a powerful and effective digital marketing and SEO strategy. Our team collaborates with you to develop and implement a strategy that is tailored to your business's needs, objectives, and budget.

Our digital marketing agency offers services and SEO skills that work together to provide a comprehensive arsenal of digital marketing tools to help you build your business and attract new leads and clients. Each digital marketing service you choose works to increase leads and conversions; but, our comprehensive bundle of services includes everything a company or medical practice needs to succeed online in today's fast-paced climate.

In today's world, there's no doubt that you'll need an Internet marketing partner and a dependable digital marketing agency; the only question is with whom you'll partner. Why not choose a digital marketing agency with a proven track record that provides an unmatched level of service, accountability, and flexibility?

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