5 Powerful SEO Tactics and Tips to Help You Rank #1 in the Google Search Results (2022)

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Creating High Quality Content
  3. On-Page Optimization
  4. Page Speed
  5. Building Backlinks

#1 Keyword Research

The first step to increase your organic search results in 2022 is finding the right keywords that appeal with the target audience. Finding the ideal keywords will enable you to increase the reach of your content to the highest amount of people possible.

Utilizing keyword research tools (like SEMrush) enables you to ascertain the types of material customers are seeking on any specific subject. Always be sure to give keyword research top priority. Click here to view SEMrush's webpage. It's an all around awesome tool to use and can help you track backlinks, position rankings, keywords, and can help you gain an edge on your competitors by finding their high quality backlinks, what keywords they are targeting, and what keywords you could potentially optimize for higher search rankings.

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#2 Creating High Quality Content

Spend time each month updating older blog posts with fresh, current content to maintain your SERP (search engine results page) ranking.

Google's Search Algorithm puts the highest quality content on the first, second  pages because their main goal is to serve their users with the best, relevant content in real time.

#3 On-Page Optimizations

The third step to increase your organic search results in 2022 is on-page optimization. Many digital marketing experts like myself would argue that on-page optimization is just as important as anything else. You could have a bad site layout and slow page load speed, but have excellent on-page optimization and still have a rank on Google’s search engine.

The headline needs to be short and clear. Your keyword ranking is affected by it. The material that your page gives should be appropriately described in your meta description.

Tips for optimizing the page heading
  • Make the title concise. Anything more than 70 characters is deleted by Google.
  • Include keywords in the page title that you wish to rank for.
  • Add page titles to any pages that don't already have them.

Tips for optimizing the meta description

  • Limit your description to 160 characters. Otherwise, Google will cut off the rest.
  • Try and integrate a call-to-action in your description that encourages users to click on your page.
  • Use important keywords.

#4 Page Speed

The success of your website depends on PageSpeed. It is not only a well-known ranking component but also a crucial usability metric.

Page speed measures how long it takes for a page to fully load and become accessible to users.

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Tips for increasing page speed in 2022
  • Image compression
  • Minify CSS/JAVA Script Files
  • Reduce the amount of animations on your website
  • Pre-Load CSS
  • Frequent Caching

WP-Optimize is a free to use and can have a major impact on your websites speed. Google rewards faster sites with higher search results because they want to serve their users with the best overall quality websites.

#5 Building Backlinks

Building backlinks from reputable news websites and blogs is necessary if you want to appear on Google's front page.

Once you build these backlinks Google starts to trust your domain and will result in higher search rankings for your site

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