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How to Advertise your Business on Google (6 Steps)

How to Advertise on Google

How do you know how to market your business with Google? Did you know that Google Ads is among the most well-known and widely-used marketing tools around the globe? In 2019, Google Ads generated over $134 billion in revenue. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it generates 50 percent more conversions than organic search! This powerful tool can be employed to find new customers, allowing you to expand the reach of Google Ads to millions of people, and increase revenue, with an average 200% ROI from Google Ads expenditures.

We will go over how Google advertising is executed and explain how you can use it to boost profits. Here we will explain how you can advertise on Google.

How Google Ads Works

Google Ads is a highly sophisticated tool that level every marketer on the same level. Instead of focusing on those with the wealthiest pockets, Google’s auction system is built around keywords, as well as the relevancy and quality of the ad campaign.

Companies and their marketing teams will identify the keywords customers use to locate their products or services and offer a bid for them. In the other sense, they’ll indicate the amount they’re willing to pay each time a user clicks on their advertisement.

This kind of marketing strategy is known as pay-per-click (PPC), and an advertisement auction occurs every when someone types a phrase into Google. It allows your business to be noticed by those searching for your product when needed. That this is the reason, Google Ads is so enticing and rewarding.

How to Advertise on Google

How can you get started using the potential that is Google Ads? First and foremost, if you don’t already have one, you’ll need a Google Ads account to create your campaigns. It is possible to create an account at no cost. From there, it is essential to know the steps to take in making successful ads described below.

1. Find out your company’s goals

Like other aspects of digital marketing, you shouldn’t make plans until you’ve established some logical goals. For example, are you using Google Ads for lead generation and e-commerce or creating your brand? The goal you set will dictate your account’s structure and the most beneficial features of your marketing campaign

2. Generate buyer personas to establish your audience

When you know who your clients are, you can design highly effective advertising campaigns that will result in the highest sales. You can determine the people using Google to search for products similar to yours by making buyer personas or fictional characters that depict specific demographics of the people who frequently use your products or services. 

A comprehensive buyer persona should provide the buyer’s background, goals, demographics, obstacles and behavior, habits of buying and motivations, and the ways your business can assist them in achieving their goals

3. Perform keyword analysis

The ideal ad campaign will use high-traffic and low-competition words that can generate sales. It is possible to determine what these keywords are, place bids, and decide confidently to ensure success with the sophisticated Google Keyword Planner. This tool can create an overview of the cost, volume, and competition for keywords for each sale stage (information navigation, information, or transaction).

If you’re using Google Keyword Planner for the first time, log in to the Google Ads account and go to Tools. Choose your Keyword Planner at the top of the menu bar and utilize a website category, product type, or direct keyword to find new keywords. Google provides plenty of options, and from that, you can select the ones that will yield positive results to get faster than ever before.

4. Calculate Google advertising costs and decide on your price and budget

Now that you’ve decided which keywords will be most beneficial to bid on, you can choose the budget and your bids based on the keywords you’re targeting. The sum you’re prepared to spend each day on this campaign is determined by costs per click (CPC) for the keyword you’re looking for. When you’re deciding on your budget:

  • Find out what price your competition is bidding and the cost to compete with them.
  • Don’t let yourself overspend. Set a limit and bid only on keywords within your budget, or place fewer bids on terms and ads.
  • It is harder to realize a high return on investment for highly competitive keywords than for less competitive keywords. When your spending budget can be flexible, you’ll be able to devote more time to search engine optimization and determine your budget based on those that offer the highest ROI.

By calculating the ROI and CPC for your most popular keywords from Google’s Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planner, you can determine how much you should devote to your marketing each month.

  • Multiply your daily estimation by 30.4 (the regular month length) to calculate your monthly budget in an absolute dollar value.

Also, you must set your highest cost-per-click (CPC) bid, which is the amount you’re willing to pay each time somebody clicks your Google advert. The bids will determine the traffic your ads receive and the income they generate. The more expensive your bid, the more traffic you’ll see – and the more you’ll spend. CPC for a specific keyword could be determined by subdividing total costs by clicks. Google Ads has an Enhanced CPC bids (ECPC) feature that can automate manual bids to ensure clicks are more likely to generate revenues. To determine how to remain true to your CPC goals as time passes, look for the “get the volume of searches and estimates” option in “Tools.”

5. Create your account

Accounts, campaigns, and ad groups organize Google Ads. Inside the context of your Google Ads account, you’ll likely be running several campaigns simultaneously, each with its distinct objectives, budget, and settings that determine how often each ad appears. Every campaign requires appropriate ads and some relevant keywords.

6. Ad copy that converts

The quality of the advertisement copy is essential in whether people click on your advertisement. Good copy can increase conversion rates, click-through rates, and CPC. The most effective way to attract clients with captivating content is by appealing to their emotions and logic. To “think like your intended people,” you can test options or benefits that you can incorporate into your advertisements. 

Start Making Your Business Click Today With Google Ads

Making it through Google advertisements isn’t quite as hard as you think. It’s just a matter of patience, tons of trial and error, and a carefully planned budget. It’s time to put on your sleeves and work hard, and our Atlanta SEO company is here to aid you in getting the most from your investment.

Clicks Digital Marketing is home to experts in paid ads who specialize in identifying the weaknesses in advertising campaigns and making them more effective to boost lead generation and ROAS. Contact us today to learn more about this system or begin creating campaigns you’ve created on your own.

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