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How To Generate Leads Online (10 Ways)

How to generate leads online

If you’re a manager of a business-to-business (B2B) company, having the capability to generate new leads is crucial to accelerating growth and creating success. The internet is a great source to deliver a huge number of leads to your business; however, what do you do to create B2B leads?

Unfortunately, it’s never straightforward. The process of generating B2B online leads can be a difficult task for marketers of all kinds and is often extremely competitive. To create an effective strategy, it is essential to use an array of digital strategies. Below are ten methods for generating leads digitally that you could like to test.

SEO Leads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial marketing technique for long-term lead generation. The past was when simply using keywords was a guaranteed method to be ranked on any search engine result webpage (SERP). But, today’s SEO strategies cannot solely focus on keywords, as the latest algorithms for search engines constantly alter how websites will be placed. B2B marketers must consider many aspects, such as web optimization, creating content, and many more besides keywords.

Remember that when Local SEO is involved, you’re playing a long-term game. Optimizing your site won’t result in leads falling to your doorstep in minutes. Instead, incorporating SEO in your lead generation plan will gradually and gradually increase the number of visitors to your site and create more leads. Also, it’s important to remember that Google continues rolling out its mobile-first strategy, and it’s now more crucial than ever before to ensure your website is optimized specifically for smartphones and features a layout that appeals to your users. A site that looks good across all devices can bring in new leads.

Focus On Your Landing Pages

Another aspect of your SEO technique is concentrating on your website’s landing pages. If visitors are looking for financial experts, you do not want them to land on a page about tourism experts.

Ensure your landing pages are properly optimized, and the content is pertinent.

This will make the conversion of the general web traffic into leads more likely.

Focus your landing pages

Like other SEO aspects, this is an ongoing project you can tweak and enhance over time.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent method to promote your company as an authority in your field. The content you create could be blog posts, case studies of customers, and others. The more high-quality content your website has, the more reputable your reputation will grow.

This strategy can also improve your SEO since well-written content can increase your site’s backlinks and stimulate social media participation.

It’s not the most direct lead generation method. However, content marketing is 62 percent more than traditional advertising and produces three times as many leads.

Guest Posting

The content doesn’t have to be posted on your website. Guest blogging is an extremely effective method to boost brand recognition and create leads.

If you approach an industry influencer and offer them quality material, they may allow you to publish on their site. Your association with bigger brands could result in more traffic and, consequently, more leads.

Web Forms & Email Marketing

Before you can begin the process of launching an email-based marketing program, you first need to create a contact list. You shouldn’t purchase contact lists because this is against GDPR compliance. But, you can collect new contacts using Web Forms that allow potential leads to your business announcements and marketing. Why should they want to subscribe to you? This is the point at which Content Marketing comes in. Marketing via email is the preferred B2B marketing channel since it has the highest statistical return on investment.

In the case of B2B sales, most companies don’t buy on impulse; instead, they make purchases according to their experience with your company’s brand.

The most important thing to do for an effective advertising campaign via email is the ability to tailor your messages and ensure you maintain your relationships with potential B2B leads all the process.

If you are beginning your email campaign, monitor your leads’ development at each stage. This can be made simpler by adopting a relationship management system that can help you automate your marketing and allow you to store important information in one place.

Google Ads & PPC

Though Pay Per Click (PPC) could appear as a method of generating leads, it isn’t very easy. For instance, when using Google Ads, there could be much competition for broad keywords, resulting in higher costs per click (CPC).

It is crucial to determine the best way to position your advertisements. You can focus on niche keywords that are not as competitive yet are not very popular to reduce CPC and instead concentrate on high-volume but not-so-competitive keywords. The strategy you choose is contingent on the budget you have set. Utilizing Google Ads takes time and will require a trial and error method; however, the results of clicks could be significant.

There is no need to put everything via ads on search engines. One of the best ways to get new leads is to create profiles on review or comparison websites. Similar to email marketing, companies like to compare and make an educated decision before purchasing and will be looking to compare your products and services against those of your competition.


Webinars show your expertise and the value that your service offers. Each time you host a webinar, you’re pitching potential customers and cultivating leads that you currently have. This is a great way to establish a rapport between your company and future sales.

Social Media Marketing

Participating in conversations related to your industry is a fantastic opportunity to display your expertise in an approach that leads and creates confidence in your brand. Participate in discussions on social media platforms and interact with your visitors frequently.

It is also possible to promote and expose other strategies like Content marketing and webinars through social media websites. LinkedIn is the most effective social network for discussing B2B strategies since it was designed to facilitate professional networking.

Live Chat Interactions

Although you’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that the information on your site is pertinent and all questions that could arise have been answered, some users cannot find what they want.

Based on research conducted by live chat, 44% of online users say getting their questions answered by a live agent during purchase online is among the most valuable advantages a website could provide. This is sure to bring more leads from your site’s traffic.

Customer Referrals & Reviews

A lot and increasing leads have been affected through peer recommendations, and companies frequently rely on review sites for advice. This is why leads from customer recommendations and review sites are typically good quality.

To create quality leads, you must ensure that your customers are encouraged to write honest reviews on reputable websites.

When you’ve accumulated a good amount of reviews, be sure that your potential customers find favorable reviews. If a person went the extra mile to leave a positive review, inquire if they would like to participate in an analysis of their experience and incorporate it into your content marketing. You can also publish reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to gain your brand’s publicity. Many of these sites let you manage your company’s profile and offer options for generating qualified leads using PPC.

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These lead-generation techniques can work together. The most effective strategy is to incorporate all of these in some shape; the key is that they all improve your company’s visibility on the internet and transform your audience into leads. Get an Atlanta SEO Company to start making your business click and generate online leads!

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