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Organic SEO Services: On-page SEO

With the internet's rapid expansion over the last decade, it's nearly difficult to market your company without one. With the rise of Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Instagram, your business will almost certainly profit from having a presence there as well. The absence of your firm on Facebook is practically the same as being offline. Clicks Digital Marketing is a Facebook paid advertising and Instagram marketing agency based in Atlanta.

Our paid advertising team is well-versed in the most recent and finest Facebook and Instagram advertising practices. Maintaining a profile on these platforms is insufficient. For all intents and purposes, organic reach on social media is gone. If you want your company to succeed, you must now pay to play if you want to reach an audience.

The Clicks Digital Marketing team, as your paid advertising experts, know how to use keyword research and targeting to develop, build, and deploy Facebook and Instagram advertisements that drive traffic to your website and landing pages. Your ad metrics are regularly monitored to ensure they are having the desired effect. Ads are regularly modified and optimized in order to achieve optimal performance.

Facebook Advertising

With over 1.2 billion user accounts, Facebook is the indisputable monarch of all social media networks. Every day, Facebook attracts about 1.37 billion active users. On a worldwide basis, Facebook provides huge visibility. Pages, groups, and sponsored ads are all options for marketing your business on Facebook. Facebook business pages are a fantastic method to engage with your target demographic and consumers directly on Facebook. Followers can comment on your posts, join in conversation threads, take surveys, and ask questions on your wall.

Paid advertising on Facebook is actually a little less expensive than Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), which is a great deal given the potential reach. Adverts can also be tailored to certain demographics, ensuring that only the most relevant and interested customers see your ads while browsing the Facebook site. To assist you keep inside your advertising budget, you can specify a daily or overall budget for ad spending. Ad campaigns can also be changed at any point throughout their run.

Onsite SEO
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Instagram Advertising

Instagram has around 800 million monthly active users and an estimated 500 million daily active users. Furthermore, an astonishing 80% of these consumers are based outside of the United States. As a result, Instagram has a massive global following, making it a perfect advertising platform for targeting global audiences. In addition, Instagram has some of the most active users of any social media site. Every day, users upload 95 million photographs and videos, which receive 4.2 billion likes in under 24 hours.

Females and young adults appear to be Instagram's primary demographic. Instagram is critical for businesses looking to reach these two important groups. Users spend more time on the platform than on other social media platforms because it is primarily visual. Ads can be targeted similarly to Facebook ads, and the ad expenditure is identical.

Adaptable and responsible – It Must Work Right Away or We Will Stop

For different firms and industries, social media and PPC advertising strategies function differently. A social media campaign can sometimes generate a large number of answers rapidly. However, seeing the outcomes that you had hoped for can take time. Paid social media advertising is typically a relationship-building activity. There are numerous variables at play, and no one can predict when a certain level of results will be achieved.

Clicks Digital Marketing, an Atlanta Facebook paid advertising expert with years of expertise, knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to social media advertising. If your Facebook advertisements aren't getting you the results you want, we'll pause, shift gears, and switch to advertising that will. Because we are investing your money for a profit, we are adaptable and accountable. We strive to give you the best possible return on your investment.

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