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SEO Web Design Best Practices

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1) Define Your Goals

Why are you looking for a new website? You must first set your goals and objectives in order for it to succeed. Perhaps you want to boost your website's search engine rankings, or perhaps you want to attract more clients and increase sales.

Remember that you might have various objectives and goals. Increased brand awareness may be a secondary goal if growing sales is your primary goal. In this situation, your new website's plan must include web design, content development, and SEO.

2) Keyword Research

The appropriate keywords should be at the heart of any successful content marketing plan. Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers overlook keyword research and search engine optimization. You won't be able to create successful content if you don't know which keywords have high search volume and low competition.

3) Target the Right Audience

It's understandable that not everyone will be interested in reading your stuff. You should, however, provide material that is suited to users who are interested in it. It's critical to establish a deep connection with your content's target audience, or "buyer persona."

For example, a blog article about cloud computing should be formal and technical, whereas a blog post about home décor should be relaxed and easygoing.

4) Write Evergreen Content

What is evergreen content, and why is it important? This content category resembles the aforementioned trees. Evergreens, unlike deciduous trees, are constantly green, regardless of the season. Evergreen content follows a similar strategy of being relevant, with users constantly looking to read or consume it, which is why it is so valuable and popular.

Time-sensitive content, on the other hand, is only relevant for a limited time. For example, an item about the latest Apple iPhone is considered time-sensitive, thus it will only receive a limited number of views. However, writing an essay regarding mobile device cybersecurity is considered timeless.

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5) Break up your Text

Have you noticed how the content on this page is divided into little sections with sub-headings? Instead of constructing a wall of text, you should take a similar technique when developing text content.

People only read 20% of the text on a page, according to research done by Jakob Nielsen. The human brain does not read every word on a page, contrary to popular perception. Rather, the brain examines sections for breaks such as subheadings, bold text, italicized text, graphics, and so on. Failure to divide your material into easily digestible portions inhibits readers from digesting it, making it less successful in helping you achieve your marketing goals.

6) Quality over Quantity

Another common website content marketing mistake is prioritizing quantity over quality. Some marketers believe that ten low-quality articles are better than one high-quality piece. While this used to be true, search engines now favor pages with high-quality content.

Google updated its Panda algorithm in 2011 to penalize thin and low-quality websites in search results. This was one of Google's largest changes in history, affecting roughly 12% of all Google searches. Webmasters who published low-quality material saw their ranks plummet when Panda was released, while those who wrote high-quality content saw their rankings rise.

7) Mix up your content

Don't confine yourself to writing articles, blog posts, and other forms of written content. Use infographics, films, podcasts, live streaming, case studies, and other forms of content to meet your marketing objectives.

Some marketers may argue that video content is even more effective than text. YouTube currently receives over 1.5 billion monthly hits, according to TechCrunch. You may deliver your marketing message in a smaller, more condensed way with video.

8) Content Cross-Promotion

You won't get the full advantage of your efforts unless you cross-promote your material across different channels. Cross-promotion improves content visibility, which leads to more inbound links and improved search ranks.

Cross-promote fresh content on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter once it's been published on your website. You can also market your material through email, blog posts, YouTube videos, and other channels.

Time-sensitive content, on the other hand, is only relevant for a limited time. For example, an item about the latest Apple iPhone is considered time-sensitive, thus it will only receive a limited number of views. However, writing an essay regarding mobile device cybersecurity is considered timeless.

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9) Keep your content updated.

Just because you've pressed the "publish" button on your website or blog doesn't mean you're done. Even if it's evergreen, you might need to revisit it and add new information.

Proofreading your old, existing text may disclose a typo you missed the first time around, which you can then correct. You may also need to update statistics with more recent data. Making small changes to your content like this demonstrates to search engines that you are a thought leader in your field.

10) Analyze Metrics

You won't be able to properly optimize your website's content if you don't know how it's performing. You may already be aware of fundamental metrics such as sales or conversions, depending on the sort of content. Other indicators, such as average time spent on page, unique visits, returning visitors, search rankings, social shares, inbound links, and bounce rate, can help you enhance your content marketing plan.

Our site designers have improved our clients' rankings, reach, and revenue by implementing these ten web design strategies. Clients who collaborate with Clicks Digital Marketing Marketing on average see a 250 percent boost in conversions.