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Local SEO is a powerful online marketing strategy that places your business’s goods or services in the hands of highly qualified local prospects.

Google developed this web-based marketing tool to help people locate what they need when and when they need it. Other search engines rapidly followed the debut of their local platform.

Consider that your business is located in a specific geographic location. In that situation, local SEO can improve the chances of attracting new clients precisely when they are most inclined to purchase.

Local SEO may help you grow your market share and revenue because most internet searches are conducted on mobile devices, and people are looking for the services you offer online.

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Local SEO and more targeted hyperlocal SEO geographical markers are incorporated into the keywords you choose to increase your chances of getting in front of prospective customers with qualifications within your region.

The most remarkable aspect of this marketing plan is that when implemented properly, your goods or services are placed in front of potential customers who require the services you provide right now.

Google examines a variety of SEO ranking factors in local areas to determine the search results. They include:

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Audit

Locally, our SEO agency conducts an exhaustive locally-based SEO audit to establish how you are doing locally in SEO standing, gain useful data and develop a locally-focused SEO checklist. We examine the quality of your NAP visibility, determine your location, service, and areas, and review the quality of your Google My Business listing. In order to complete the local SEO strategy, our local SEO experts are also able to carry out Google My Business page audit review analyses, landing page audit analyses of local citations competitive benchmarking, organic link analysis, and penalty analysis.

Google My Business SEO

Control all of your Google My Business locations and make sure that your branding information is up-to-date and accurate with assistance from the Google My Business experts. We offer Google My Business services including GMB SEO and Bing and Yahoo Local optimization. We make sure that the businesses’ profiles have the same brand image and are optimized for your targeted region or area of service. The Google My Business experts also review your business’s data across the web to offer you the most effective and free of errors local presence.

Link Building

Spend money on local SEO solutions and increase your online presence. We are among the leading local SEO firms, we make sure that the search engines can find a true representation of your company across the internet. Our SEO company develops local web pages for your SEO. It creates the local SEO rankings and leverages keywords that have a high level of domain relevancy and then launches outreach emails. We use GMB SEO as well as the best practices for building local links to build links that bring the highest worth to your company

Keyword Research & Strategy

Increase your reach locally and draw in targeted segments of the public through our regional SEO Marketing services. We conduct thorough keyword research and analysis to find industry-specific, geo-specific keywords and then organize them according to the intent of the search. After the expert local SEO experts have identified the keywords you are searching for they create a regional SEO guide to assist you in creating content that is local-specific for your website. A local SEO consultant will also provide you with a ranking report that you can access whenever you want to check your website’s rankings.

On-Page Optimization

Are you able to optimize your website to be viewed by your intended audience? The local SEO services provide on-page optimization to ensure your website is ranked highly in your area of service. We will optimize your site’s homepage and metadata by using geo-specific keywords, design pages for industry, city, and service pages, establish social media channels and then implement locally-specific SEO best practices across your site. Our local SEO company also adds local business schemas on your pages to help search engines to comprehend your company’s offerings and areas of focus.

Business Citation Management

Local SEO citations act as an indication of your business name and address on a different website. Here at Clicks Digital Marketing, our Google My Business experts leverage top-quality websites from third parties to create local online citations for your company. We can add your company’s name to the second-tier business directories in the local market, including Angie’s List, FourSquare, MojoPages, and Yelp. Our local SEO firm also conducts research on directories with a niche based on the industry you operate in and submits your company information to ensure the most control over your online presence.

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The cost of SEO in Atlanta can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the size of your business, the competitiveness of your industry, the scope of your SEO goals, and the experience level of the service provider. On average, small businesses can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per month on SEO services, while larger enterprises may spend tens of thousands of dollars per month.

The competitiveness of your business, the caliber of your website, and the overall effectiveness of your SEO approach can significantly impact how long it takes to get results from SEO. The typical time it takes to start noticing benefits from SEO is between three and six months, although it can often take a year or longer. It’s critical to remember that SEO is a long-term approach, and results require regular effort.

To keep up with changes in search engine algorithms and to keep a step ahead of your rivals, it’s critical to update and improve your SEO approach regularly. Generally speaking, examining and adjusting your SEO strategy at least once per quarter or every two years is advised. However, changing your strategy more frequently could be vital if you see a significant decline in your traffic or search engine rankings. Additionally, it’s crucial to modify your SEO approach as your business expands and develops to keep your website doing effectively in search engine rankings.

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